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Re: Any talk of limiting _existing_ crypto?

Tim May wrote:
> OK, so the imminent legislation will ban sale or distribution unescrowed
> crypto products after 1999 or 2000 or whatever. Exact details unclear. But
> I see no language declaring existing products to be contraband. (Though
> such language could still come, of course...nothing would surprised me at
> this point.)

Jesus Tim, are you getting senile? Bet the farm on the outlawing of
existing crypto and you will have more money than Bill Gates in a
couple of years.
The new reality has become: any fascist, evil thing you can think of
that it is possible for the government to do--ask *when*, not *if*.

We are not arguing about the end of democracy in the US anymore. We
are merely discussing the timetable, now.

> If existing crypto is fully legal to use, then it could be years and years
> before the Freeh-Reno-SAFE outlawing has any significant effect.

Tim, you are forgetting about "the crisis." Which one? Name one. Make
one up out of random Scrabble letters. Yup, that's the crisis that is
going to require the outlawing of strong crypto. I would recognize it