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Re: Any talk of limiting _existing_ crypto?

>> Make it work simply for everyone with the push of a single button.
It doesn't have to be secure, it has to be convenient. The only thing
the masses need is the illusion of security. Then they will cry loudly
when someone tries to take it away.
  Make it so that those who want strong security can jump through the
necessary hoops to get it from the same program so that they can't
take away yours and leave them with theirs.<<

My feelings exactly... both levels 'need to be'.... but the
simple level is what's needed most right now...
I think a great number of people will be really angry at any potential
seeming loss of 'privacy' in personal matters...
or -- commercial for that matter...
but most will have difficulty ... if it isn't an easy 'fix' for 'em...