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Reno and Freeh to be assassinated!

Dave Del Torto wrote: 
> "All members of Congress, and particularly those of us on the Intelligence
> Committee, have a responsibility to find the proper balance between forward
> thinking commercial policies and the unquestioned need to protect the
> security of the American people and America's national interests." said 
> HPSCI Chairman Porter J. Goss

I think we should all send Chairman Goss a letter of appreciation for
his offer to assassinate Child Murderer Janet Reno and Murderer Louis
Freeh. Most politicians are too cowardly to promise strong actions such
as this.

> Terrorist groups that plot to blow up buildings; drug cartels
> that seek to poison our children, and those who proliferate in deadly
> chemical and biological weapons are all formidable opponents of peace and
> security in the global society. These bad actors must know that the United
> States' law enforcement and national security agencies, working under the
> proper oversight, will have the tools to frustrate illegal and deadly
> activity and bring international criminals to justice," Goss said.

Chairman Goss is also going to prosecute the employees of the CIA as
It is good to finally see someone taking a strong stance in this regard.

What a wonderful, wonderful man. He is probably a good husband and
father too.