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Re: Information Please

At 3:40 AM -0700 9/13/97, Peter D. Junger wrote:
>Duncan Frissell writes:
>: >I am assuming of course that there must be some form of law somewhere
>: >which recognizes the right to resist oppression and violation of human
>: >rights by any government elected or not.
>: In fact, the Nuremberg decisions say that in certain cases International
>: may *require* you to overthrow your government.
>And the New Hampshire Constitution has some deragatory remarks---
>``slavish'', as I recall, is one---about those who in the appropriate
>circumstances do not revolt.

I thought the State Department had declared their license plate motto,
"Live Free or Die," to be a "terrorist statement"?

Something about 3 years in jail alongside those expressing support for
Hamas in their fight against ZOG in occupied Palestine.

I may have to mcveigh my actions more carefully.

--Tim May

There's something wrong when I'm a felon under an increasing number of laws.
Only one response to the key grabbers is warranted: "Death to Tyrants!"
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