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Nat Sec Moves

NYT reports today on the administration's proposal to
allow more TLA access to medical records (as Attila
earlier noted). A last minute addition to the proposal was to
allow "intelligence agencies" to access the files.

   See the report at: http://www.hhs.gov

A second report is on the return of Sun's supercomputer
by the Chinese after protest by the USG, as represented
by Domstic Export Czar Reinsch. Although Sun is reported to have
quickly provided the gov information to trace the machine,
it may be that the hit of refunding the purchase price is
what Elvis cost, and a warning to all other exporters who
don't toe the line.

What is happening is that borderless government is developing
in step with the borderless political and economic and legal
and technological enterprise. Distinctions between domestic and 
foreign are quickly disappearing in all fields, but especially in law 
enforcement and intelligence. Export controls will shortly
be indistinguishable form domestic controls -- in all nations
now acting in unison to protect their ... take you picks of legacy 
of protected interests.

Misbehave in any arena, and if you can't be punished as a
threat to domestic tranquillity, then the international enforcers
will whack you -- no place to hide, they hope, and pray, and
dig deeper into data mines.

Congressional briefings by TLAs surely include a sample of what's in
the dark holes of congressional members, if not with specifics,
then by insinuation. As all the world's previous Hoovers dared
to threaten the folks at home with enemies within, enemeies subject
to control by international forces -- commie, capital, anarch, western,
eastern, black, white, green. Only the secret files know who's what
flavor of the black budgetary year.