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Re: in defense on Lon Horiuchi


In <[email protected]>, on 09/13/97 
   at 11:12 PM, Kent Crispin <[email protected]> said:

>On Fri, Sep 12, 1997 at 02:01:59PM +0200, Anonymous wrote:
>> As Tim and others have noted from time to time, one man's terrorist
>> is another man's freedom fighter.  A corollary to this is that one
>> man's policeman is another man's terrorist.  Calling Horiuchi - a
>> //trained sniper// - a policeman is stretching credulity.  Consider
>> too that the Weavers weren't threatening anyone when they were
>> initially attacked/ambushed by the Feds - so in what way were the 
>> Feds fulfilling a "policeman" role?
>> In any case, it wasn't really my intention to "compare" the deeds of
>> Horiuchi and McVeigh.  I was merely noting that the defense of
>> Horiuchi by Herr Direktor Freeh could have been used nearly
>> verbatim in McVeigh's behalf.  As you've pointed out, though, there 
>> /is/ that crucial difference though, isn't there?  One of them has a 
>> badge and gets paid by the taxpayers, which makes him a "policeman."

>That's a big difference, of course.

>Note also that terrorists and freedom fighters are *both* outside the 
>law, and are quite different from police.

That's right Kent it puts him in the big league with the agents of the
Gestapo, Russian Secret Police, and other jackbooted thugs throughout the

When this murderious pig is executed for his crimes what I leave on his
grave will not be mistaken for roses.

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