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Re: The problem of playing politics with our constitutional rights

>I'm just pointing out that we saw this situation several years ago with
>Clipper. The list was, predictably, sidetracked with literally 
thousands of
>suggestions about how best to recruit more public supporters. T-shirts,
>gimmicks, and suggestions for songs about crypto, for getting t.v.
>producers to put crypto, pro-privacy themes in their t.v. shows, and so 
>All pretty hopeless, wouldn't you say?

Why do you say that?  Clipper was defeated.  People all over the net
united and opposed it.  Now there is this new threat, but at least
defeating Clipper bought some time.  There is no reason the same
thing can't happen again.

Sometimes I think cypherpunks *want* crypto to be outlawed.


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