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Re: The problem of playing politics with our constitutional

> thousands of
> >suggestions about how best to recruit more public supporters. T-shirts,
> >gimmicks, and suggestions for songs about crypto, for getting t.v.
> >producers to put crypto, pro-privacy themes in their t.v. shows, and so 
> on.
> >All pretty hopeless, wouldn't you say?
> Why do you say that?  Clipper was defeated.  People all over the net
> united and opposed it.  Now there is this new threat, but at least
> defeating Clipper bought some time.  There is no reason the same
> thing can't happen again.

	The way I remember it, it was only defeated after <oh shit, I'm
drawing a blank here what was his name...> at Bell Labs/Lucent Technologies 
proved that the clipper chip could be counterfeitted and interoperate with 
"legitimate" clippered devices.

	Most people didn't even know about the fight, much less take a side. 

	The Code was written by Mr. Blaze, and the law fell apart.