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Re: Real issue of crypto controls: security or taxation loss?

On 13 Sep 97 at 21:02, Fred Hapgood wrote:

> >I think that *this* debate should be injected in the population and 
> >the *bogus* "national security" debate should be dismissed as, 
> >just that : bogus.  
> Never underestimate how weirded out people can get about "security". 
> You don't know about this, living in Canada, but nobody in America can
> use a mailbox to mail a package now, just because one guy mailed a few
> bombs.

FUD.  There is quite a difference between what Joe and Jane Average 
are and what the Lie-Box with 500 channels and most Lie-Leaflets will 
tell you.  Sorry for my idealism, but I still believe that there is a 
quantum of Reason in the population.  But you may be right here.  

> What are you saying here?  That we should be arguing that encryption
> should be permitted because it will allow people to avoid paying
> taxes?

Duhhh, duhhhh, fucking duhhhh...

Why do you make me spend my resources (time, efforts) on having me 
defend myself on something I never said?  Just read my fucking text 
and this *is* what I said.  Go read Hettinga's rants on his web site 
about how e-$ will impose itself and why and consider that I agree 
with him on it.

[and here, I disregard the less-than-illuminated contradiction in 

And if you want to get emotionnal :-) , just as I also agreed and 
defended Jim Bell's opinion that AP was 
"not-possible-to-prevent-from-happening",  [unless they ban 
crypto, for legitimate e-$ scheme need authorities's tolerance of 
crypto] and backed my opinion with rational arguments. Thank you very 

Just like anybody describing and saying that the Ebola virus is 
mortal doesn't mean one loves to kill...  

So, DUHHHH squared.

Another time-wasting, word-twisting, fanatic-attracting, 
emotional-debate-inducing idiocy like that and [not a menace but 
simply a description of my quality-of-life enhancing measures] I 
will have one of my file past the terabyte mark...


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