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Re: Real issue of crypto controls: security or taxation loss?

> Then, TM came to say that this is irrelevant.  TM was right in the 
> context of the post, but it led me to ask myself this 
> (vague) question:
> 	What is the real issue here, what makes the govt so insistent about 
> 	wanting to ban crypto?  What is such a threat to them that it makes 
> 	them pass laws that are profoundly against the US constitution?  
> 	What causes their panic?

They want to read your mail.  They would like to read your mind too.
> To this, all I can find of enough magnitude to put them in such state 
> is that they just recently *truly* realized that crypto will, 
> infinitely more than to threaten the security of the state,
> threaten their very existence by putting them outside of the money 
> loop.

I disagree.  I think they want to read your mail.  I don't believe they are 
scared of "digital bearer bonds" etc., although I do believe that this is the 
most hyped issue on these mailing lists ...

> Any comments about why we should *not* put most emphasis on the 
> financial aspect of crypto?

Because the financial aspects are hyped way out of proportion on these 
mailing lists?

Also, you will find that the govt does *not* want to ban financial crypto
- it only wants to ban encryption - so how can you argue that they are 
panicking because of the financial aspect of crypto?  You can't.  They panic 
because they can't read your mail.

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