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Re: Freeh says FBI doing great, supports Weaver killer

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On 9/15/97 12:36 AM, Douglas L. Peterson ([email protected]) 
passed this wisdom:

>Declan, just an observation, but have you noticed that the media
>to incapable of saying the name Randy Weaver without using the words
>white supremacist (or separatist)?  Do you think this is deliberate
>just a case of following a pattern set by others?

Randy Weaver maybe wasn't the most politically correct citizen of the
state, but the whole thing that got him in trouble was that they
wanted him to spy on the white supremacists that lived up in the hills
near him and he refused. He had a 'live and let live' attitude about
the whole thing. So far as I have read he wasn't an active white
supremacist so much as he wouldn't come out against them ... now maybe
other evidence has been unearthed since the last time I looked into
the matter in any detail, but that is how I read it.

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