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Re: Ship Code! Re: House Intelligence Committee Press Release

On 9/15/97 1:14 AM, Bill Frantz ([email protected])  passed this wisdom:

>An encrypt to FBI key system has some really serious 
>vulnerabilities. I scares me to have our financial system, 
>utilities, and airlines, to name just a few vital civilian 
>services, depend on a system with such an obviousflaw. There are 
>people and organizations out there who would love to disrupt these 
>systems, and flawed encryption would give them a powerful tool. 

 ... not the least of which is that the computing horsepower to look at 
each and every message (ya never know; a naked picture of my dog my get 
through) and do even the barest of evaluations on it would swamp the 
system. By way of barest evaluation, just examining the To and From 
fields to see if one of them is on *the list* of suspicious persons.

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