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Re: Real issue of crypto controls: security or taxation loss?

Tim Barber wrote:
> Regarding the struggle in general for free crypto, have faith that
> spin
> control should always work in our favor.  Even if the entire
> government
> remains opposed crypto, the press should still be on our side.

Remember during Desert Storm, Saturday Night Live had a sketch
lampooning reporters for pressing the military for information that
would have been helpful to the enemy? And remember how right after that
the press briefings tightened up a lot? And months later someone
mentioned that the SNL skit gave them the courage to do it?

The press is on the side of whomever is most likely to deliver the scoop
that will elevate next week's ratings. If you can deliver a steady
stream of story ideas involving sex, celebrities, and paranoia, the
press will spin anything you want.