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Judo -> Aikido...

--- On Sep 15, Dan Geer apparently wrote --------------------------------------

> i recall Tzu also saying that you need to use
> the enemy's momentum to your advantage, the 
> principle of judo if you will.  in parallel,

This has  nothing to do  with cypherpunks, but  I just could  not resist
seeing a reference to  a martial art that I still  love to practice. Dan
most likely  refers to Aikido  (and not Judo)  here. A martial  art that
uses the momentum/force  of the "partner" to disarm  h{im,er} and change
the "attack" to a victory in your advantage...

> revolutionaries of many stripes have found
> that "heightening the contrast" is necessary
> if you mean for real change to occur.  

--- and thus sprach: Dan Geer <[email protected]> ----------------------------

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