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Re: Americans flunk constitutional quiz (fwd)

> WASHINGTON (AP) - Pop quiz: How many U.S. senators are there?
> 	One in two Americans do not know the answer is 100, according to a
> survey on the U.S. Constitution released Monday.

Well, that's pretty sad.  Unfortunately very few of these questions 
had anything to do with the ideas behind the details?  You can ask
as many "how many congressional paiges fit on the head of a 
xxxahemxxx pin" questions, but how many can answer more important
questions.  In the spirit of test competition I humbly offer this 
competing quiz.

1.  Who were the federalists and the anti-federalists?
2.  What was the difference?
3.  What are the reasons for each of rights enumerated by the Bill of 
4.  What are the rights of the government?  Does it have any?
5.  What is the difference between rights and powers?
6.  What is more powerful, a sitting jury or the Supreme Court?
7.  Is the second clause of the second amendment depedent or not?  
8.  What is the meaning of the ninth and tenth amendments?
9.  What happenend to the constitution in 1938?
10. What is meant by the "welfare clause" of the constitution?  Show 
supporting evidence by quoting at least one founding father.
11. Who said "This country was founded with a pretty radical 
constitution, with radical freedoms.  When people abuse those 
freedoms you have to move to limit them."?
12.  What was the main argument against a bill of rights?
13.  What major document, which is signed yearly by most adult 
Americans is a direct violation of the fifth amendment?
14.  What is meant by freedom of assembly?
15.  What does the phrase "shall not be infringed" mean?
16.  What is meant by "a militia" in the second amendment?
17.  What is meant by "well-regulated" in the second amendment?
18.  What is meant by "free state" in the second amendment?    
19.  Which federal agencies are not specified in the constitution?
20.  And finally a real trivia question, kids.  What kind of 
paper was the Declaration of Independence and Constitution 
printed on?

Please feel free to add on any other questions before we set up 
the CypherPunks Constitutional Quiz Website.  ;-)


Jim Burnes
Jim Burnes
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