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Re: Americans flunk constitutional quiz (fwd)


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>Subject: Americans flunk constitutional quiz

>WASHINGTON (AP) - Pop quiz: How many U.S. senators are there?
>	One in two Americans do not know the answer is 100, according to a
>survey on the U.S. Constitution released Monday. And two in five don't
>know there are three branches of government, let alone what they are.
>	Mayor Edward G. Rendell of Philadelphia, where the Constitution was
>signed 210 years ago this Wednesday, said the results were disappointing.
>	"That shows an appalling lack of knowledge for a document that
>determines what we do," said Rendell, chairman of the National
>Constitution Center, created by Congress in 1988 to increase awareness of
>the document. "Every day, issues important and central to us as people
>and government are affected by the Constitution."

This is quite understandable.

There is very little teaching of the Constitution or of Government in
public schools. Many years ago when I was in HS Civics entailed a 1
semester course 1/2hr a day in your senior year. While American history
may still be taught in the public schools it is done so by socialist who
have no interests of enlightening their students of the reasons this
country was founded or the philosophies that it is founded on.

We are paying today for allowing the socialist/statist taking control of
the education of our children 30 yrs ago.

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