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Re: Americans flunk constitutional quiz (fwd)

On Mon, 15 Sep 1997, William H. Geiger III wrote:
> This is quite understandable.
> There is very little teaching of the Constitution or of Government in
> public schools. Many years ago when I was in HS Civics entailed a 1
> semester course 1/2hr a day in your senior year. While American history
> may still be taught in the public schools it is done so by socialist who
> have no interests of enlightening their students of the reasons this
> country was founded or the philosophies that it is founded on.

Personally I had one semester of American Gov't, we had to memorize the
preamble (I know longer remember all of it, but I know the general ideas),
we studied the Bill of Rights (and the 14th Amendment), and the general
ideas of the constitution. While I don't think I got all the questions
correct on the quiz (some of the specific details, etc.), I know the
general ideas.

> We are paying today for allowing the socialist/statist taking control of
> the education of our children 30 yrs ago.

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