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Re: Attacking GAK--team effort assembling

At 06:20 PM 9/15/97 -0400, William H. Geiger III wrote:
>I think that the most effective way to attack GAK is to get moles on the
>inside of the corporations like IBM,HP,...ect who will no doubt be very
>active in putting this together.
>Once they have their systems up and running activate the moles and
>fire-up Blacknet. :)

We did that years ago - TPC invented the UUCPnet, and Steve Bellovin
and friends invented Usenet, and for several years the Center Of The Earth
was either Peter Honeyman's allegra machine or ihnp4.  You'll find 
Steve and Honey hanging out on coderpunks or cryptography...
Since then it's mutated and taken over the world.

Bill Stewart, [email protected]
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