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Wit Capital Update -- Unprecedented investment opportunities

Dear Investor:
Some time ago, you expressed interest in taking part in the historic Internet public offering of Spring Street Brewing Company, the microbrewery I started in 1993.
Since then, you may be aware that I started Wit Capital for pioneering the offering and trading of securities through the Internet.
I`m pleased to tell you that Wit Capital is open for business and ready to accept your Membership.
Wit Capital offers individual investors unprecedented first come, first serve access to investment opportunities and services
Wall Street has long denied to individuals, such as IPOs of major underwriters at the offering price and venture capital offerings.
We will also soon offer individual investors the opportunity to get better prices on the NASDAQ stocks they trade in our Digital Stock Market.
When you become a Wit Capital Member, you will join a community of sophisticated investors dedicated to building wealth through long term commitment of their capital.
Members of Wit Capital will also get basic brokerage services at deep discount rates as well as research, educational information and forums to talk to other Members.
Membership is free and carries no obligation.  Wit Capital does not employ commissioned brokers, so you will never be pressured to buy or sell anything.
I urge you to learn more about Wit Capital and become a Member by visiting http://www.witcapital.com.
Sincerely yours,
Member NASD and SIPC
Andrew Klein
Wit Capital Corp.
P.S. Because of the high degree of risk associated with an investment in new issues, such investments are not suitable for all investors.