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Re: (Fwd) Cuban terrorist used encrypted phone (fwd)

At 3:36 AM -0700 9/16/97, Charles Anthony wrote:
>Date: Tue, 16 Sep 1997 10:31:46 -0400
>To: [email protected]
>From: Scott Carr <[email protected]>
>Subject: Cuban terrorist used encrypted phone
>Sender: [email protected]
>   I just heard this on CNN.  Apparently, the Cuban government has arrested
>an alleged terrorist  for several hotel bombings.  They clain he was hired
>by Anti-Castro forces in the US.  Now, for the relavant part for the list;

Ah, but he is not a "terrorist," then. Being hired by anti-Castro forces in
the United States automatically makes him a "freedom fighter." He's only a
terrorist if he works for Oceania, er, Eastasia, er, whomever we don't
currently like.

Had he blown up a Cuban airliner, as CIA-supported forces did a while back,
he would still be a freedom fighter. Had he sent a package of pamphlets to
Hamas to aid in their struggle against the Zionist occupiers, he would be a

Is it clear now?

>the Cubans also claim to have tapes of encrypted telephone conversations
>between the bomber and his backers.  I do not know if the tapes are in the
>clear of not.
>   Nice to know that law enforcement can still make arrests even when
>nasty, bad, encryption is being used.  I wonder if the Cubans asked the US
>Governemnt for any keys....
>   (I wonder if there had been escrowed keys, if the US Government would
>have given them to Cuba.)

--Tim May

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