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Re: politics aren't all or nothing

Mark Hedges wrote:

>Does anyone know who is behind this crap that the Empire's pushing on the
>committees? Louis Freeh is the only name I've heard. I've not heard
>Tenet's name mentioned in any of this. It would be interesting to research
>the other people involved, to try to find some dirt.

There's considerable push coming from domestic law enforcement
agencies of many types and jurisdictions. See letters some of them 
have made in support of encryption controls in a House statement by 
Representative Weldon (co-sponsor with Dellums of the National 
Security Committee amendment to gut SAFE):


These letters are regularly cited Freeh to show that the FBI and other
federal agencies are not alone in pushing for GAK, and to remind 
legislators that the law and order folks at home are a threat to re-election 
if they don't "give something to law enforcement."

And, Freeh often reminds that half of wiretaps are state rather than 
federal, as shown in the 1997 annual report on electronic surveillance:


This is not to diminish the signficance of the burgeoning national security 
agencies, especially the 13 members of the intelligence community and 
those new-born aspirants for funds to protect the commonweal -- nearly 
every governmental jurisdiction now aims to grab a piece of the Nat Sec 
booty being converted to dual- and domestic-use, usually through 
various "justice" and "law enforcement" programs:


An avid drumbeater for more funding for protection against the nation's 
high-tech enemies (thus bringing the foreign wars home) is the President's 
Commission on Critical Infrastructure Protection (PCCIP). See a recent 
news report on PCCIP's call for $1 billion to fight the homefront foe:


In short, there is a growing list of self-interested domestic parties who 
have a stake in GAK and you can bet they are leaning on their 
legislators just as hard as the federal briefers who whisper secrets
and lies celebrated this week for 50 years of domestic deception in the 
national interest.

Domestic controls on crypto and other munitions are just as certain to
come as the export kind, and for the same reasons -- security of the
state. If there are insufficient external enemies to justify stupendous 
public expenditures, why, just cook up the internal kind -- as done in 
the 1900s, the 1920s, the 1930s, the 40s, the 50s, the 60s, and to 
this day.

The Bible Code foretells all.