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Re: politics aren't all or nothing

At 7:27 PM -0700 9/18/97, Anonymous wrote:
>Mark Hedges wrote:
>>Mostly, I just don't want to get nuked. I don't want the people in
>>Washington to get nuked. I don't want to be ostracized because a
>>disjointed group I'm associated with has members who support nuking
>>political opponents. "Nuke DC" is crap. "Ecash Assassination Politics" is
>>crap. The loss of faith in one's ability to convince other people with
>>rational discussion is crap. That whole attitude reminds me of the guys in
>>early grade school who beat up on me because I was a nerd. I refuse to
>>sink to their level.
>The guys who beat you up in grade school are now the ones who are
>running Congress.  They haven't matured, they are just upscale and
>have learned better techniques.

Exactly. Bullies with any intelligence at all move into jobs that use their
psychological bent: politics, law enforcement, the military, etc.

>The only problem I have with Tim May's "Nuke DC" is that he lacks
>the necessary qualifier:
>"Nuke D.C. now, while Congress is still in session"

And recall that this whole "Nuke D.C." thing is a misstatement of my
original statement. "Check the archives." What I said was that I would not
shed any tears to hear on CNN one fine morning that D.C. had gotten nuked.
And in other posts I haved opinined that D.C. is one of several "soft
targets" that are best avoided.

>From reading tonight several of Mark Hedges' posts, I surmise he is not all
careful with accurately getting his facts straight.

--Tim May

--Tim May

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