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Re: politics aren't all or nothing

Mark Hedges wrote:

>Mostly, I just don't want to get nuked. I don't want the people in
>Washington to get nuked. I don't want to be ostracized because a
>disjointed group I'm associated with has members who support nuking
>political opponents. "Nuke DC" is crap. "Ecash Assassination Politics" is
>crap. The loss of faith in one's ability to convince other people with
>rational discussion is crap. That whole attitude reminds me of the guys in
>early grade school who beat up on me because I was a nerd. I refuse to
>sink to their level. 

The guys who beat you up in grade school are now the ones who are
running Congress.  They haven't matured, they are just upscale and
have learned better techniques.

The only problem I have with Tim May's "Nuke DC" is that he lacks
the necessary qualifier:

"Nuke D.C. now, while Congress is still in session"