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Re: y2k as ideological opportunity

Blanc wrot:

>On the PBS daily economics news report the other day, and an economist was
>warning that this y2k problem could lead to a recession (don't remember if
>he said it would be mild or what).   This is a possibility that the rest of
>us ought prepare for  (guess I'll have to see what Harry Brown has to say
>about it).

A recession?  Say that 20 million people figure out that they don't
have to pay their taxes.  Those 20 million will stay wealthy.  
The 25 million people employed by the federal govt in some parasitic
capacity or another will find themselves without enough money to go

So, that means the FBI, DEA, BATF, Secret Service, Treasury and all
the other heavily armed, officially sponsored gangs can't feed their
habits.  They look at their badges and weapons and they get hard-ons
and decide to extort more money from the drug traders.  Only now they
want 50% instead of the 25% they take today.

Net result:  the street price of drugs will rise, causing more crime.

It'll be anarchy in the streets.  Look for Tim May carrying this sign:

    |    I Told You      |
    |  The End Was Near  |
    |  Seven Years Ago,  |
    | Check The Archives | 

The only hope for America?  Buy more drugs to keep the traders cash 

An artificial drug-induced happiness will descend upon the land, and
we all reelect Gore in 2004, because we're STILL STUPID SHEEPLE.  THE

Some things will never change.