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Re: sooner or later


In <[email protected]>, on 09/19/97 
   at 11:23 AM, "David Downey" <[email protected]> said:

>>Bill Stewart wrote:
>>>At 10:45 PM 9/18/97 -0700, Wei Dai wrote:
>>>>Many of us believe that a crypto ban is inevitable. The only
>>>>question for us is whether it'll happen sooner or later. Seen in
>>>>this perspective, all that industry and civil liberties lobbies can
>>>>do is delay the ban. But is this necessarily a good thing?
>>>Yes.  Later is bad, but sooner is worse.  First of all, "Soon" means
>>>"We lost already", while "Later" means "We haven't lost yet, even
>>>though it looks pretty much like we're going to lose later,...

> The only way I see us losing is if we do not stand together. I do see 
>that we will need to go underground ofr awhile, but when they see that 
>they will always have a problem with us, they will eventually have to 
>deal with us. That is unless they want to turn the US into a real life 
>version of the movie Red Dawn!

Oh I wouldn't be feeling to optimistic with that. We in the
crypto/anarchist community are a very small minority. Our govenrmnet would
have no qualms at all of taking us out. A nice little Reichstag Fire to
turn popular opinion against us and then the storm troopers will be sent
out. If you are expecting some type of popular support of "us" against
"them" I think you are sorely mistaken. The majority of the sheeple would
be all to happy to turn in those evil cryptologist for their 5min of fame.

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