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Re: directed speech free? request for opinions.

I don't have the law code available. I was told by an attorney that the
particular passage says this is the case. I would like to challenge this
passage. I will get back with the particular code section and text.

Mark Hedges

On Fri, 19 Sep 1997, Lee Tien wrote:

>At 2:16 AM -0800 9/19/97, Mark Hedges wrote:
>>I have seen California law code which seems to indicate that speech
>>directed at an individual is not covered under the first amendment.
>>If you have any thoughts on the matter, please send opinions (not legal
>>advice, of course, if you are a lawyer). Also, if you know of any speech
>>rights scholars or lawyers willing to answer a few related questions for
>>free, I would appreciate the pointer.
>I'm confused.  What in California law makes you think that the First
>Amendment doesn't apply unless you speak to more than one person?  Assuming
>that's what you mean by "speech directed at an individual."