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Utilize This Valuable Information and It Will Pay For Itself Right Away



That tiny little ad can make you wealthy!

Have you ever bought anything from a classified ad?  If you're like most, the 
answer is yes.  

It's a fact of life, that we as a society crave the need for information. The 
tiny little classified ad can effectively and efficiently deliver the 
information to a potential customer base that is mind boggling.  

A simple classified ad can fill your mailbox with orders or make your phone 
ring off the hook with interested prospects.  

Have you ever seen the same ad running over and over again in a paper?  It's 
because it's making money.  In fact the chances are good that it's in a whole 
lot of other papers also. 

Classified ads can and have made many people very wealthy.  How do you think 
all those late night info-mercial millionaires started?

***Nationwide Newspapers V2.0 TM***

Powerful New Reference Software

-  The First of its Kind, Classified Advertising Tool!

-  Electronic Directory of over 3,600 newspapers!

-  Sources for Over 6,000 newspapers!

-  Daily, Weekly, Shoppers, Community Papers and More!

-  Find Hard to Reach People to Respond to Your Offer!

-  Advertise by City, State, Regionally, or Nationwide!

-  Statewide and Network Advertising, Including Pricing!

-  Discount Advertising Less Than $1 Per Paper!

-  Powerful Tool for Building Huge Downlines!

-  Save Time and Money with Network Advertising, 1 Call, 
   1 Payment & you're in 100's of Papers with Millions 
   of Readers, at a Big Discount Over Individual Rates!

SPECIAL FEATURE-  Built in Sort Tool Enables Sorts by State, City, 
Circulation, Phone Number & More!

Proof is in the Results! Here's just a few:

" Thank you for your 3,600+ newspaper directory! We have built a downline of 
1,800 people in 6 months & a check for over $12,000 using this directory to 
advertise! It contains the small town papers as well as the big ones so we can 
target the audience & stretch our advertising dollar. I recommend it for 
anyone in network marketing."    			
            	S & J Linden, Sequim, WA

" I just wanted to let you know how much your program has saved me time and 
energy, now I can place ads with ease. I think your program is simply one that 
anyone who has a  business must have, because time is money."
      	Andrea Hurst-Harry, Arlington, TX

There is no doubt that this information can and will be a valuable asset 
to your business. It's the perfect product, at the perfect time, at the 
perfect price.  We've seen similar information costing 100's of dollars.  
Companies charge these high fees because they know that people who understand 
the value of the information will easily pay for it. Our products are more 
advanced and we make them affordable. They say that information is power, well 
we look forward to supplying you with all the power you need for years to 


Other companies marketing half the information we offer are charging $249

 For a limited time , You pay only $49  plus shipping for this revolutionary new product.   

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S. Press
PO Box 11511
New Brunswick, NJ 08906

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