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End-to-end cellular encryption needed - CDisk from Comverse Technology

This is just one commercial product that implements most of what CALEA
requires.  The great thing about market economies is that we'll obtain the
surveillance state at a competitive price.


Excerpts from "The CDisk Product Description", Reliable, Customized Solutions
for Intercepting Calls from Cellular Switches

Comverse's CDisk is a comprehensive digital audio system.  It intercepts
and captures call audio and data from cellular switches and distributes it to
designated Monitoring Centers where it is processed and archived.

In order to be effective, interception facilities for switches in cellular
networks must offer

* One system that supports all cellular networks.
* Target subscriber management.
* Access to all calls in which the target subscriber is a party.
* Coverage of all types of calls.
* Automatic collection of call data (Session Related Information - SRI),
  combined unambiguously into one conversation file.
* Strict security provisions.

CDisk meets the need with a mature, field-proven product

CDisk covers all cellular networks:

* Its field-proven interface connects with all major switches.
* Its open system supports multiple networks and Monitoring Centers.
* Its modular concept adapts simply to new standards and technologies.

With CDisk's target-subscriber management tools, authorized users can:

* Automatically process thousands of targets.
* Add, edit and delete targets from the list.
* Schedule start and end times, as well as define other conditions for
* Seamlessly cover targets across multiple networks.
* For each target, define access rights for multiple Monitoring Centers,
  from organizations down to individual users.
* Define priority targets.

CDisk provides comprehensive call access by:

* Covering all types of calls including voice calls, data calls - voice band
  modem, facsimile calls, short message service (SMS), unrestricted data calls.
* Monitoring all types of call services, including call transfer,
  forward calls, diverted calls, conference or multi-party calls (CDisk
  accesses all parties involved.), call waiting.
* Processing mixed voice and data calls.
* Monitoring uncompleted and busy call attempts.
* Supporting call diversion supplementary services.
* Covering roaming visitors.

Automatic collection of the following data for each target subscriber's call
(Session Related Information):

* Equipment ID - IMEI.
* Called number, including cases of uncompleted calls (for MSISDN and IMSI).
* Specification of the type of call (voice, data, fax, or SMS).
* Conference call party numbers.
* Diverted call number.
* Target subscriber cell location - Location Area Identity (LAI) at call
  start and call termination.
* Date, time, and duration of call.
* Enabling users to listen to calls in real-time or in playback (after they
  are recorded).

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