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From Me...

Me:       "Do you own a personal computer?"...
You:      Yes.

Me:       "Running Windows ver 3.xx or 95?"
You:      Sure.  Why?

Me:       "Wanna' make $10,000 cash in the next 60 to 90 days?"
You:      Who wouldn't?

Me:       "Without leaving home?"
You:      Really?  What's it about?

Me:       "I own a software program that explains the business?  Do you want to download a FREE evaluation copy?"
You:      Are you going to tell me what it's about? 

Me:       "That's not the way I work.  The answers are in the software.  Do you want to download it?"
You:      Looks like I've got nothing to lose.  OK!  Where is it ?

Me:       "Just click here:  ----> or if by chance you are unable to download it,
              just call 714-280-0996 and I will email it to you and if that won't work; I will mail it to you on disk."
 You:     Ok. Works for me.

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