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Re: The problem of playing politics with our constitutional rights


On Wed, 24 Sep 1997 [email protected] wrote:

> >>remailer could automatically announce itself to the world (perhaps via a
> >>newsgroup post).  The various listing services would pick up on this.  The
> >>more automated it is, the better.
> >
> >How about posting availability notices alt.remailer-availability.announce
> >(create it if necessary) or alt.anonymous.messages?
> Yes, I was thinking along these lines, though right now I'm concentrating
> on the client end of things.

I'm not sure that Usenet would necessarily be the best idea for a primary
source of remailer availability notices.  After all, the latency
associated with Usenet might be a problem.  And more to the point, some of
us have a problem reaching a news server.  On a company LAN connected to
the Internet, for example, any and every J. Random Eudora-user could or
would become a remailer.  (You could have 10 or 50 or more remailers per
organization -- enough that it would be difficult for the sysadmins to
squash them all.)  But most companies do not allow access to a news
server.  A client could telnet out to someplace in the outside world to
announce its presence or whatever, but not post to or read from Usenet.

I think Usenet would serve an important role as a secondary, backup source
of information that would support and mirror the pinging services.  But
to have Usenet as the only source of remailer availablility might be a
little short-sighted.

- -Eric Nystrom

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