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Re: The problem of playing politics with our constitutional rights

In response to one of my previous posts, at 07:21 AM 9/24/97 GMT,
[email protected] wrote:
>Would people want to use eudora (their main email program) as a remailer,
>and have to wait for it to process all those messages each time they read
>their mail?  Is there a demand for users with dial-up accounts to be
>(I'm not being critical, I'm just asking.  I never thought about using
>eudora as a remailer server)

Send me cash / check / money order with your PGP key fingerprint attached,
and I will allow you to send up to 100KB anonymously per day for $10 /
month. Or something like that. (Once the plugin is installed on my machine,
of course.) The plugin should  have tools for maintaining the list of
authorized users, with the ability to delete unwanted to-be-remailed
messages directly off the POP server without downloading them.

>>The remailer plugin should be able to:
>>1. Scan all available sources of remailer availability / reliability.
>>2. Allow the user to select a pool of trusted remailers.
>>3. Allow the user to select the number of remailers in the chain.
>>4. Randomly select remailers from the pool.
>>5. Encrypt / add headers to the outgoing message to match the selected
>Good Idea.  Are people comfortable with not choosing the exact order of the
>remailers used?

You should be able to override the default choice, but having the computer
doing the grunt work will nake using the remailing feature more convenient.

>>>Stenography Plugin for mail/news readers.  It's our one (and possibly only)
>>>defense against GAK.  You can't decrypt what you can't see.  (watch for
>>>Stenography to be classified as encryption and be similarly restricted.)
>>Look for AOL and other ISP's to automatically run a "noise reduction"
>>filter (as in CoolEdit 96) on .wav / .jpg files if GAK becomes mandatory.
>>CoolEdit's noise reduction filter is great for removing tape hiss and other
>>constant background noise from sound files, (it can make a cheap tape deck
>>sound like a cheap CD player) but it would obviously destroy any stegoed
>>data. The noise reduction algorithm is very processor intensive--it takes
>>my 586/133 about an hour to NR a 3 minute stereo 44 KHz recording, but I'm
>>sure you could set up a "light" version of the filter that would destroy
>>stego data without taking as long.
>And how does one tell the difference between a JPEG image and a executable
>program after they're uuencoded (assuming one does not follow MIME
>conventions)?  Will we be required by law to identify, in clear plaintext,
>the nature and contents of all our messages?

What is uuencoded can be trivially uudecoded to determine the content type
by direct examination of the data. (uuencoding != encryption) And if all
.wav files are mandatorily "noise filtered" by your friendly ISP, then the
answer would probably be yes.

Jonathan Wienke

What part of "the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be
infringed" is too hard to understand? (From 2nd Amendment, U.S. Constitution)

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