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You Used MY Name?!?!?

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Subject: !!! DEATH THREAT !!!

You should be careful before you do foolish things like making a death
threat because it can have really bad results. 
It can make people really nervous and think maybe they should get
you first. Sometimes they hire other people to get you before you get
them—really bad people sometimes. Sometimes even bad people who
act like they are good people and fool everyone until they kill you.
Which brings me to the point I am trying to make:
You should not try to kill the Constitution any more because there is
not enough left to make people safe and they might get really nervous
and think maybe they should get you first—or even after. For revenge.

People like the Constitution a lot and if you are making a death threat
against it then it is like saying your going to kill someone else’s
friend or family and everyone knows that they will kill you because 
they are domestic and not a stranger.  Or is it that they are stranger 
and not domesticated?
Never mind. You know what I mean. 
Especially if you try to make it so that they cannot put aluminum foil
hats on their thoughts and their words and their writing. Then they 
get really, really, nervous and maybe start thinking that they have to
kill everybody because they are not safe from anybody. 
You should be careful if you find yourself walking next to someone
whistling that Crosby Stills & Nash song "If you cant kill the one you
love—then kill the one you’re with." (ç That’s a joke but it would
be really funny if you took it serious and whacked someone out for
whistling it anyway.) (Its not like they have a Constitutional right to
whistle it or anything....hee, hee.)

You should be careful before you vote to kill the Constitution and look
under all your chairs and stuff, just in case. You should maybe look in
your conscience too and see if you are not a bad person maybe. You
should also maybe look in a mirror and make sure you are not cross
eyed and that there is nobody beside you whistling that song "If looks
could kill—then you would only be hurting yourself."(<== that's a joke.)

Even if you do think you can kill the Constitution and still have all of
the people believe you are not a bad person then you should at least
try not to let really stupid people who you work with say things like
"I am too stupid to learn about this stuff so I am going to let the guys
who want to make aluminum foil hats illegal and put everyone in jail
decide how I vote to kill the Constitution."
The one those guys who always say "Nuke DC" call Swinestein said
that and it made everyone think you are all that stupid and going to
let people with guns who kill women and children make your votes
for you. Then even more of them say "Nuke DC" especially when they
remember how bad the guys with the guns that you are letting vote for
you fucked their friend (sorry but thats what they did) for making a 
stink with the IRS.

That is really all I am trying to say. Is that you should be careful
that you dont kill so much of the Constitution and let the guys with 
the guns screw so many people that nobody feels safe from them anymore
because they wont just get nervous about them they will get nervous
about you too because you promised to protect them and didnt.
Just try to remember that it never ends.
If you take away some of the guns from people then you have to take
away all the guns or you are in big trouble. If you take away some of
the Constitution from people then you have to take away all of the
Constitution or you are in big trouble.
Even if you think you took away all of the things that people can use
to be safe and free then they will make more—like Doritos. 
If you try to kill them with bullshit then they will try to kill you
with their own brand of fertilizer. If you take away their aluminum 
foil hats then they will make hats out of paper and call them 
Forever Young.

Killing the Constitution is a lot like killing DC—if your going to do
it then you might as well do it right and do it all at once.
Guys with guns who want to kill Freeh-dumb know that and so do
guys with nukes who are Freeh-dumb fighters. (My uncle made up a
new word about him—he said he "testiLies to Congress.")

Don’t be a stranger,
p.s - If you see Declan McCullagh getting in his car and driving like
hell away from the city then you should get in your car and do the 
same thing. You dont need to pack a suitcase because I think if he
does that then there is already one packed.
(Thats what the guys with guns told you in your secret meetings so 
you will kill the Constitution for them isnt it?)
p.p.s.- If you hear someone say "President Freeh" then do not wait for
Declan just get the hell out of there real fast anyway. You can come 
to my place if you want and help me send out secret aluminum foil
hats. (Bring a whoopee cushion and we will make little funny booms
instead of big scary ones. We are a little more laid back out here in
the country than you guys in the big city.)