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Re: Rants from A Player To Be Named Later

At 03:31 PM 09/24/1997 -0600, A Player To Be Named Later wrote:
>> Law enforcement arguments about pedophiles generally trump 
>> discussions of privacy rights.

Arguments about National Security generally trump both;
if you can spin the discussion right, remember that
widespread strong encryption protects National Security
and helps protect YOUR KIDS' privacy from those EVILDOERS out there.

And by the way, you'd really hope the cryptographically-protected
arming circuits for nuclear weapons don't have their keys escrowed....

>  Let me get this straight...
>  These dweebs are capable of finding a single joint in a vehicle
>travelling amoung thousands of others on the freeway, but they are
>incapable of finding a ton of cocaine in an airport with less than
>a hundred planes in it?

Sure, and that's why import laws won't stop crypto;
if you can smuggle Heavy Weapons into the US by packing them in dope,
you can smuggle in crypto floppies wrapped in darn near anything...

>  Why are the LEA's salaries not tied directly to the price of drugs
>on the street? Because, with the price of heroin at a record low for
>the decade, then these thieving fucks would be making less than the
>minimum wage!

Some countries simplify the mechanism and pay the cops directly in dope....

Bill Stewart, [email protected]
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