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Re: CDT complains to my editors after post to cypherpunks

Declan McCullagh wrote:
> [CDT's Jonah Seiger copied this message to my editors. I'm still waiting
> for him to answer my questions. --Declan]
> Declan --
> If you are curious about what it is about your style that bothers CDT so
> much, start with this hostile, accusitory message posted to a public list
> (in this case, cypherpunks).

  Upon reading CDT's last offering to the CypherPunks list, I was trying
to figure out how to write a half-civil post telling them they had their
head up their ass.
  When I read Declan's post, I decided that he had already taken care of
the matter in a much more civil way than I could ever hope to.

  Since these fucking idiots seem to be scratching around in their ears
after picking their asses, thereby leaving deposits which interfere with
their hearing, I will take the time and trouble to point out a few
things for their edification.

  For starters, after reading the nonsense that the CDT spammed the list
with, I wondered if they were stupid, illiterate or both, since they
don't seem to be able to follow either the details of what is happening
with regard to the SAFE legislation and its variations, nor form a clear
concept of the real issues involved.
  I would suggest that if CDT is going to purport to be some sort of 
news/information source, that they invest in a fucking dictionary and
keep it on Seiger's desk. 
  I would further suggest that if Jonah is incapable of supporting his
vague claims of unjust attack by Declan, that he reread Declan's post
with an eye toward learning how a real journalist provides solid details
and examples to express his message and the stance he is taking.

  I have yet to read a CDT release which I do not have to reread to 
confirm my suspicion that the excess, confusing verbosity that is
employed seems to serve mostly to mask the fact that they are both
misrepresenting the facts and misleading those who trust them to
properly outline the issues involved.

  In short, I would be very surprised if CDT's dicks don't smell
suspiciously like Freeh's asshole.
  I will refrain from commenting on making a similar analogy to
Freeh's tongue and CDT's assholes, as it might be in bad taste.

  I am beginning to think that democracy might have a better chance
of having some life breathed back into it in America if someone with
a chainsaw were to do some selective clear-cutting to remove the
deadwood in the plethora of organizations that have the audacity
to proclaim their compromises with fascism as the defense of 
democracy. (Can you say 'CDT'? Sure you can...)

"The Xenix Chainsaw Massacre"
"WebWorld & the Mythical Circle of Eunuchs"
"The Final Frontier"