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Re: Remailer Attack

Anonymous sez:

: According to Raph's remailer stats, the remailers have widely varying
: latencies.  Given that only a few remailers have latencies which are
: acceptably low, the list of usable remailers is quite low.

: If the user of the remailer, Monty Cantsin for example, signs his
: messages, a fairly accurate measure of total transit time is obtained.
: The total transit time gives clues to the remailers which were
: actually used in the chain.  In an of itself, this may not comprise
: the user, but combined with other weaknesses it will cause the
: attacker to be significantly more confident of identification
: hypotheses.

: The remailers should all have about the same latency.  0 seconds seems
: like a good Schelling point.  What would it take to reduce remailer
: latency to under 60 seconds for most of the remailers?  Do people need
: old 486s to dedicate to the task?  Do they need money?  Better
: software?

Most remailers support a feature called 'latency', so one can
choose the latency one desires for a message.


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