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Re: Its working read this, give it a chance

Ouais c'est vieux comme le monde le principe: ca s'appelle une pyramide et
il n'y a que le gars en haut qui se fait un sacre pactole. En plus c'est
parfaitement illegal.

And now, ladies & gentlemen, let's talk in english :

Hello suckers of *[email protected]*,

This nice principle of sending money to the last name on a list through
the INTERNET is the ultimate variation of the pyramidal game...
First before carrying on with the demonstration, people should know that
this kind of "gime your money you sucker, I'll know how to use it" is
illegal in most industrial countries...

You can't win for a very good reason. This game can be seen as a pyramid :

					 The chief
					   / | \
				     a few accomplices
				suckers sending their money

As you can see, the only people to earn money in the process are the one on
the top of this pyramid, the others just send their money to the top of it
and can hardly win a kopek.
The idea is very simple, usually on the list, you'll find unknown people
whom you would suppose to be some ordinary participants of the game, in
fact in most cases they're the accomplices or the chief himself. 

The original situation:
#1 accomplice 1
#2 accomplice 2
#3 accomplice 3
#4 chief

You send five bucks to the chief...

#1 you
#2 accomplice 1
#3 accomplice 2
#4 accomplice 3

You send your money to accomplice 3

Now you ask twenty of your friends to do so:

#1 one of your friend
#2 you
#3 accomplice 1
#4 accomplice 2

Now this people will ask friends of them to send money in their turn:

#1 a friend'a friend 
#1 one of your friend
#2 you
#3 accomplice 1

They will send money to accomplice 1...

This group of people, the accomplices and the chief will get:
20*20*20*20*5= $800 000

(And of course, it's could be more profitable, you can't know how many
people answered at the first stage).

If you hope to reach the fifth stage... Read the demonstration once again !

So don't be stupid, don't even send a peanut to these suckers...