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Documents re 9th Circuit Emergency Stay now online

The Government asked the 9th Circuit on the 10th for an "emergency
stay" of the District Court's limited injunction that would let
Prof. Bernstein publish his Snuffle software online.

Now you'll find Bernstein's opposition to that motion, filed on the
17th, online.  And the government's attempted emergency reply, filed
on the 22nd.  You will also find the 9th Circuit motions panel's terse
order granting the government motion (blocking Bernstein from
publishing online) and scheduling the case for very fast processing.
The final 9th Circuit hearing will be in December, and we have a
prospect for hearing a decision by Christmas.

See http://www.eff.org/pub/Legal/Cases/Bernstein_v_DoS/Legal/.
(You may have to ask your browser to "Reload" to see the new changes.)

	John Gilmore
	Electronic Frontier Foundation