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Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200.00 / Re: In response to Declan's questions about crypto.com

Jon Lebkowsky wrote:
> Though I tend to be pragmatic, I'm concerned that we tend to
> give away too much early on in the legislative process.  Considering that
> there is substantial opposition (by attorneys, professors, and corporations
> as well as by crypto-anarchists) to crypto restrictions on the table, we
> hurt ourselves if we declare a partial win as anything but a loss at this
> point. Consider that crypto is hard to grasp for many, and we may be
> feeding complacency with  unrealistic claims of victory.

 Bad news, gang! I've re-upped my liquor supply and I am therefore not
prone to suffer fools gladly, for the moment.

 Please answer the following question for me:
"When was the last time you 'compromised' in a game of Monopoly?"

  "Golly, gee. If you can't afford to pay the rent for landing on Park
Place, with my four hotels in place, why don't I cut you a little slack
so that you can make a comeback and rip my throat out later in the

  Monopoly has rules. Cribbage has rules. You never hear anyone saying,
"Fourteen? Close enough! Count it as fourteen-two."

  Why is it that people who would castigate, slander and lynch a person
who cheats at golf, are so eager to preach 'compromise' with those who
want to cheat at 'the Constitution'?

  "The rules say, 'not closer to the hole' you dipshit! You can't throw
the ball 50 feet toward the green!"
  "Sure it *says* "the right to bear arms," but it doesn't really *mean*
that. It really means "the right to bear arms, unless Congress says that
your rifle is a 'gimme'."

  "Yeah, Tiger, just 'kick' that ball in the hole, and we'll give you 
the trophy."

  "We'll just round 'pi' off to 3.0 and...Hey! Where did my circle go?
It's those fucking drug dealing, terrorist pedophiles that took my 
circle, isn't it? We'll declare a 'War on Pi' and Key Escrow their
sorry asses. That'll solve the problem. Of course, we'll have to 
make using the correct value of 'pi' in the commission of a crime
a fucking felony, but we have to think of the children."

Nobody (posting anonymosly)
"Stop making sense, Amelia." ~~David Burn ('em if you got 'em)