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The Child Molester Prevention and Effective Sentencing Act

The problem with all the current bills like original SAFE and ProCODE is
that they're too wimpy, abstract, arcane. Who cares about protecting
business? Nobody, at least not when you'll be dubbed soft on crime. So
what's the one thing everyone cares about and wants to protect?

Yes, that's right: CHILDREN!!!! I think someone should introduce a bill
called "The Child Molester Prevention and Effective Sentencing Act of

The summary: "To reduce crime, protect our children, and secure our private
communications from child molesters, pedophiles, and various perverts, this
bill would spur the development of privacy-enhancing technologies by
removing all export controls on encryption products."

Who would ever vote against the CMPA? Who wants to be soft on child
molesters and random perverts? Not even Louis Freeh could successfully
oppose this one...


(Okay, okay. It's a Friday. Time for me to go home...)

Declan McCullagh
Time Inc.
The Netly News Network
Washington Correspondent