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Re: The Child Molester Prevention and Effective Sentencing Act

Declan McCullagh <[email protected]> writes:

> Yes, that's right: CHILDREN!!!! I think someone should introduce a bill
> called "The Child Molester Prevention and Effective Sentencing Act of
> 1997."
> The summary: "To reduce crime, protect our children, and secure our private
> communications from child molesters, pedophiles, and various perverts, this
> bill would spur the development of privacy-enhancing technologies by
> removing all export controls on encryption products."

The worst pedophiles on Internet today are Chris Lewis, a Canadian, and
Nick Sandru, a Romanian living in Denmark.

There's a web site dedicated to listing pedophiles from California -
I think it's http://www.sexoffenders.com.  Can someone please check
if the usual suspects are there?


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