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Re: CDT complains to my editors after post to cypherpunks

Tim May <[email protected]> writes:

> At 7:41 AM -0700 9/26/97, Declan McCullagh wrote:
> >[CDT's Jonah Seiger copied this message to my editors. I'm still waiting
> >for him to answer my questions. --Declan]
> Let us know what happens. I'd guess that your editors do nothing. Not
> exactly a fireable offense. ...

Declan's been trying to build up a reputation as a freedom of speech
advocate.  Even I was taken in by his deception until Steve Boursy
opened by eyes and told me that Declan is a pro-censorship scumbag.

As for Declan's employers, it's not a freedom of speech issue. He gets
paid to write. If he continues to write lies and to fabricate quotes,
they'll be right to fire him. He's free to continue lying on his own time.


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