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Welcome back, Sandy!

Sandy Sandfort wrote something really lame, but I'm glad he's back,

  I'm glad you're back.
  I've been trying to flame the current list contributors, but they
just don't present such an inviting target as you do--not that they
don't try.

  Since your absence on the list, there have been those who have tried
to support asinine positions, but none of them have had your ability
to do so with the complete clueless lack of recognition of basic logic
that you bring to the task.

  Certainly, there will be those who take my violent, irrational 
animosity toward you as a sign that I secretly lust for your tight,
smooth derriere, but those are mostly people who follow Dimitri's
posts, so what the hell do they know, eh?
  No matter how nonsensical my baseless, arbitrary attacks on your
integrity and character, we will always be able to look back in 
fondness on the night we spent together in Nuevo Laredo. 
(Unless that was my brother...I was really drunk.)

  Regardless, no matter how boring the list has been in your absence,
I have remained a list member solely in order that you would some day
feel comfortable returning to the list, knowing that there would be
at least one list member whose reputation capital was lower than yours.

  Please take your time getting aclimated to the list once again. As
proof of my sincerity in welcoming you back to the CypherPunks list, 
if it appears that your reputation capital is in danger of sinking 
even lower than mine, I will reveal myself as a champion of GAK and
Key Escrow, in order to keep you from having to scrape your knees
on the steps of the tomb of the Unknown Cocksucker.

  Please be assured that my motives for celebrating your return to
the list have nothing to do with the fact that I am in everybody
else's killfiles.
  I change my list persona two or three times a week in order to
circumvent the efforts of other list subscribers to avoid my 
senseless rants.

  I am still, despite efforts to dissuade me from my ghoul, the chief
proponent of strange crypto on the CypherPukes lisp, despite ? the
Platypus's frogulent clams to the cuntrary.