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cypherpunks in my doctoral research

I've been writing a doctoral dissertation in which cypherpunks play a
prominent role.  

The research focuses on the negotiations by which standards of
identification are incorporated into new consumer payment systems.  In
particular, I am looking at how issues of privacy, anonymity, and
identification are woven into public discussions of these systems.

I have identified three systems (Ecash, Mondex, and Citibank's EMS), and
I've analyzed talk about these systems in three sites - press articles, the
U.S. House of Representatives, and the cypherpunks mailing list.  

If you're interested, I'd appreciate any comments on this work.  I've posted
a draft of the cypherpunks section on my web site:
<http://www.asc.upenn.edu/USR/sphill/punks.htm>.  I'm especially interested
in knowing if you believe that my analysis is accurate and complete, and if
you believe its publication might effect cypherpunks themselves, or the
social and political projects which cypherpunks share. 

I would like to add one caveat.  I had to limit my analysis to a particular
time period.  Neither the discussion, nor the list, nor the entity of
cypherpunks is the same now as then.  Please bear this in mind as you read.
And please forward this note to anyone who may be interested, but is no
longer part of the cypherpunks list.


David J. Phillips
Annenberg School for Communication
University of Pennsylvania