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[email protected] list explodes!

Well, I tried subscribing to [email protected], the English-language
relative of cypherpunks-j.  There may have been one or two independent
but almost everything there was just the main cypherpunks list, forwarded
and with archiving numbers stuck in the Subject: line.
That wasn't a very good idea; people who want to subscribe to cypherpunks
should do so directly, but if you do want to build a fourth list address
for cypherpunks, you can check with Igor Chudov and Lance Cottrell about
the software
that makes it work without looping.

However, a day or two ago, something broke, and most of the 1400+ messages
gotten have been Mailer-Daemon complaints about not being able to reach
somewhere or other for four hours.  It may be because ssz.com was down for a
couple of days, or may be from something else, but it's failed spectacularly.
Killfiles are your friend, but for now I've simply unsubscribed.
Bill Stewart, [email protected]
Regular Key PGP Fingerprint D454 E202 CBC8 40BF  3C85 B884 0ABE 4639