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Re: Future reading ??

At 01:21 PM 09/27/1997 +1000, jason wrote:
>Hi all,
>can anybody suggest any good books on cryptanalysis (or papers etc).
>I've read most of Applied Cryptography. What would be a good next step,
>reading wise ??

A few directions
- to put perspective on what you can do with crypto, read Tim May's 
	Cyphernomicon, which is out on the net
- find where to get the proceedings from the various cryptography conferences
	Eurocrypt, Asiacrypt, Crypto, etc.
- look at Schneier's bibliography for papers on the topics you found
	interesting in the book
- How much math do you do?  Group theory?  Prime number stuff?
	You'll need to know this to get very deep at all,
	and often to know what people are talking about, especially
	with the elliptic curve stuff.  Find some books on that
	if you don't already know it.
Bill Stewart, [email protected]
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