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Re: The Telcos oppose Oxley

Eric Blossom wrote :

> Beepers are also nice for people who like to be reachable but don't
> care for "Location Escrow".  Many of us carry cell phones, but don't
> keep them powered up.

	Be careful, very careful,  The latest technology in beepers is
uses a two way paging protocol called REFLEX, and the beeper does indeed
log into a "cell"  from which a crude postion determination can be made.
The cells are larger than cellphone cells, and there is no government
mandate to implement triangulation technology to locate beepers within
the cell more precisely "for enhanced 911 service" (yet), but it is very
possible to send a two way pager a "ping" and get it to transmit
allowing dfing of the pager location.   

	This type of pager is advertised as having guaranteed message
delivery "never miss your messages", as well as message reply capability.
Eventually they will become quite common, as existing pager channels are
clogged with traffic broadcast over a wide area even though the target
pager is only near one transmitter and not all of them - they allow
much more efficient use of the rf spectrum as well as guaranteed delivery
of messages.

> Eric

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