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RE: engineering infowar disasters (was Re: How the FBI/NSA forces can further tw

Phillip Hallam-Baker <[email protected]> writes:

> On Saturday, September 27, 1997 7:57 PM, Adam Back [SMTP:[email protected]] wr
> > Reckon cypherpunks can knock up a few of those.
> >
> > So lets here some ideas for good photogenic infowar attacks which show
> > that the lack of crypto is dangerous.
> I suggest unless people want to hand the FBI an excuse
> to harass everyone that they don't enter into this discussion.
> There are plenty of conspiracy laws on the book. Infrastructure
> attacks are illegal and exactly the kind of thing that gets long
> jail sentences.
> More to the point it is completely counterproductive. Even now
> there is probably some FBI junior waving Back's message in
> the air as if he has won the pools, probable cause for wiretaps
> I would say.
> I suspect I'm not the only person on the list who is responsible
> for a service that is a regular hacker target. If I catch someone I
> really don't care what the motive for the attack was. I'm going to
> look to make that person serve jail time.

I suggest that every time Phil posts to this mailing list, we all
send $1 each to Sean Fein.

I suggest we discuss the detailed plans how to blow up the queen bitch,
prime Minister Blair, and the Harrods department store and hope that
someone implements these plans.

I suggest that Phil is an idiot.


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