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Re: FCPUNX:CDT complains to my editors after post to cypherpunks

At 09:34 AM 9/26/97 -0700, Tim May wrote:
> The larger issue is that the CDT/VTW "players" are showing their
> willingness to trade away the civil liberties of us all for a few minor
> tidbits thrown (they think) to corporate sponsors.

In fact, the problem is not corporate sponsors.  Rather the problem is
that lobbying groups often tend to get captured by the government.  They want
to get their fingerprints on legislation, so that they can extort money
from their corporate sponsors, and are therefore eager to do the politicians 
bidding in any way whatever in order that they can get their fingerprints on
legislation whatever.

This problem is unrelated to civil liberties issues.  Lobby groups for
the milk industry, small business, etc, are infamous for selling out the
interests of the businesses that support them.

I am not saying that the CDT is guilty of this, but the fact it persists
in trying to get legislation passed under present circumstances should 
not only alarm civil libertarians, it should also alarm big business.

> Those who work near Washington tend to get pulled into this power vortex.
> They become functionaries, advisors, consultants, lobbyists, or even,
> sometimes, elected politicians themselves.
> This is probably why EFF belatedly realized that their soul was being lost
> and got the hell out. That so few news magazines delved into this is
> telling.]

My congratulations to EFF, who I have vigorously flamed in the past.  I hope
that one day I will be able to similarly congratulate the CDT.
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