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PGP Being Used to Fight the Zionist Occupation Government

At 10:59 AM -0700 9/28/97, Brad Dolan wrote:

>...]				****
> Hamas Using the Internet to Broadcast Attack Instructions
> (IINS News Service -Israel-9/28)  According to the Foreign Report Weekly,
>the Hamas terror organization is using the Internet to transmit information
>pertaining to terror attacks.
>The report states the information was confirmed by Israeli security
>Hamas is sending maps, pictures and other details pertaining to terror
>attacks, using encryption methods. The General Security Service
>(GSS/Shin-Bet) believes most of the data is being sent to the Hamas
>worldwide center, located in Britain.

But I told you all this several weeks ago. Through sources I have no
intention of discussing, I discovered that PGP 5.0 is indeed being used by
the Palestinia freedom fighters in their war against the Zionist occupiers
of their homeland.  They got 5.0 shortly after it was released...and got it
their forces by more direct means that that "public relations fig leaf" of
scanning in source code.

(The Palestinian farmer living in Jaffa, with title going back several
generations, is not much impressed when a Jew from Krakow arrives with ZOG
soldiers to expel him from his orange groves, citing the Old Testament as
his title to the land. Any wonder that he and his children and their
children think blowing up some ZOG residents is a reasonable response?)

I described this use of PGP to some PGP, Inc. employees at the last
Cypherpunks meeting. Two of them seemed deeply concerned. Apparently the
"freedom fighters" that Phil Z. so conspicuously refers to, the Karen
guerillas in the jungles of Myanmar/Burma, are somehow different from the
Hamas freedom fighters seeking reclamation of their own land and
destruction of the illegal ZOG state.

PGP and strong crypto is spreading quickly to many freedom fighters...and
even some terrorists (even by my definition). Who expected otherwise?

--Tim May

The Feds have shown their hand: they want a ban on domestic cryptography
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