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Re: Memo From Washington Gestapo Tyranny

Dear Ms. Schmidt,
  If you are the Chairman of the Organized Crime Advisory Board, then 
this email is for you. Otherwise, it is just an annoying piece of spam
by an ignorant, drunken asshole who is too stupid and lazy to use the
InterNet search engines effectively.

  I am writing in regard to a memo that was posted on the CypherPunks
mailing list, and which was attributed to yourself (if you are the you
that I think I am writing to).
  I am currently involved in a project to warn the unwitting, such as
myself, about the Evil Farces which are striving to subject the whole
world to being on their knees (and we all know what people on their
knees do, don't we?).
  I would like to use your memo in writing a chapter of Part III of 
'The True Story of the InterNet,' but I find myself in an ethical dilema
in this regard.

  Although I am a known liar, thief, forger and FUD artist, I have still
managed to hold on to a modicum of basic human integrity.
  I have a sick sense of humor which is apparently only appreciated by 
myself, since no one ever responds to me, but I have fun, just the same,
by using bad forgeries and shallow deceptions to try and ridicule those
things which decent people hold sacred. I am pretty much shameless when
it comes to usurping peoples Net personas and twisting their words to
make them look like fools and assholes, but even I have my limits.

  To tell the truth, although I have always considered myself to be
the funniest person in the world (but looks aren't everything, eh?),
when I read the memo below, which is attributed to you, I laughed so
hard that I fell off my chair, broke three ribs, blew snot all over
myself, and peed my pants.
  I haven't done that since the guy with the paper bag over his head
said, "I just flew in from LA, and boy, are my arms tired!" (He was
a paper bag joke terrorist.)

  Anyway, I intend to use the memo below to help other people blow
snot all over themselves by reading about how we need to destroy the
last tattered fragments of the Constitution in order to protect the
children of America from people who are "separating their middle and
last names with a comma or colon."
  Since I plan to attribute the memo to yourself, you should contact
me to let me know if you're really just pulling people's legs (like
your email address suggests). 
  Although I enjoy peeing my pants as much as the next person, I would
feel bad if people took your memo seriously, by mistake, and overthrew
the government when they realized that their tax dollars were going 
toward putting out memos suggesting that inmates defending themselves
and people requesting information from government agencies are a threat
to democracy.

  Although I am a Cult of One InterNet Terrorist known as TruthMonger
McVeigh, and my ultimate goal is to overthrow all the governments of
the world without ever leaving my house (except to go to the bar,
two blocks away), even I would not stoop so low as to attribute the
memo below to a Fascist, Nazi pawn of the Evil One unless they really
wrote it (not even if they did have an Aryan name).
  Although I always forage my email headers because I have permanently
misplaced my scruples, you can find out how to contact me by asking
some of the CypherPunks, such as Tim C. McVeigh, Alan McVeigh, William
Geiger McVeigh III, ? the McVeigh, Damaged McVeigh, Attila T. McVeigh,
and A McVeigh To Be Named Later.

Terrorist, A. Bad 
"I'm in the Book"

A goddamn Commie fucking spy @ home wrote:
> Wow, Assassination politics (as Anonymous claims)  made its way into the
> anti-terrorism manuals...
> igor
> In misc.survivalism, Anonymous wrote:
> >                       State of Washington
> >                     Washington State Patrol
> >                 General Administration Building
> >                         P.O. Box 42600
> >                 Olympia, Washington 98504-2600
> >                         (360) 753-6540
> >
> >September 17, 1997
> >
> >TO:       Washington State Senators
> >          Washington State Representatives
> >
> >FROM:     Representative Karen Schmidt, Chairman [sic]
> >          Organized Crime Advisory Board
> >
> >SUBJECT:  Paper Terrorism
> >
> >
> >It  has   been  brought  to  my  attention  that  anti-government
> >organizations  have   been  utilizing   a  tactic  called  "paper
> >terrorism" to  effectively disable  government.  Commonly, public
> >officials are  personally targeted.   This widespread practice is
> >accomplished by  overburdening our  communications, business,  or
> >judicial systems with frivolous or repetitive petitions, property
> >liens, and small claims court actions.
> >
> >Enclosed is a brief explanation of this process.  If you feel you
> >are a victim of "paper terrorism," I encourage you to contact the
> >Washington State  Patrol, Organized  Crime Intelligence  Unit, in
> >Olympia at (360) 753-3277, for assistance.
> >
> >KS:csp
> >Enclosure
> >
> >                         PAPER TERRORISM
> >
> >Introduction
> >
> >Since the  early 1990's  there has  been a noticeable increase in
> >the number  of people  across the  country who  have  joined  and
> >continue to  participate in  the anti-government movement.  These
> >individuals view themselves as victims of a government conspiracy
> >to take  away their individual rights and liberties.  They do not
> >recognize most forms of county, state, and federal government and
> >therefore create  their own  self-styled  government.    National
> >speakers in  the anti-government extremists or "Patriot" movement
> >conduct recruitment  and information  seminars across  Washington
> >State, as  well as  the  entire  country.    These  seminars  and
> >recruitment  meetings   fuel  bizarre   conspiracy  theories  and
> >communicate  new  trends  within  the  anti-government  movement.
> >Paper terrorism  has grown  from a  trend to  a full scale tactic
> >used upon  businesses, private  individuals, government  services
> >and elected officials.
> >
> >
> >Background
> >
> >Paper terrorism  is designed  to clog  government  services  with
> >meaningless requests  which consume  time and  disrupt schedules.
> >In the  private sector  paper terrorism  is an  attempt to extort
> >money, goods  or services.   Some  examples  of  paper  terrorism
> >activities:
> >
> >*    Bogus liens  placed upon  personal  property  of  government
> >     officials and private individuals.
> >
> >*    Frivolous lawsuits filed in state and federal courts against
> >     businesses and government entices [sic].
> >
> >*    Drafting and  passing  counterfeit  bank  checks  and  other
> >     fraudulent negotiable  instruments aimed  at defrauding  the
> >     financial community and businesses.
> >
> >*    Common Law Courts that issue homemade subpoenas to citizens,
> >     businesses and government officials.
> >
> >*    Challenging judges  in an  effort to  disqualify them  on  a
> >     current case and to repeat their motions to disqualify these
> >     judges from  hearing future  cases by  referencing the prior
> >     challenges.
> >
> >*    Scheming to  avoid paying  state sales tax during a purchase
> >     by declaring  to be  a non  resident and  then filing claims
> >     with the state's risk management section if refused.
> >
> >*    Disrupting  the  court  system  by  persuading  fellow  jail
> >     inmates to defend themselves as Patriots, thus tying up more
> >     of the courts and prosecutors time.
> >
> >*    Distributing the  extremist Citizens Handbook to foster jury
> >     nullification.
> >
> >*    using the  Internet  to  promote  extremist  ideas  such  as
> >     "Assassination Politics"  or predicting the date of death of
> >     a law  enforcement officer  or government  official to win a
> >     cash price.
> >
> >*    Filing bogus claims in small claims court.
> >
> >*    Requesting information  from  courts,  government  agencies,
> >     elected officials  and businesses  in the  form of frivolous
> >     questions in an effort to consume employee's time.
> >
> >
> >Tell-tale signs of Patriot extremists can often be found in their
> >conversation  or   written  documents.    Common  indicators  are
> >biblical passages,  referring  to  the  state  as  a  "republic",
> >calling zip codes a "postal zone", refusing to acknowledge direct
> >questions, separating their middle and last names with a comma or
> >colon, placing  a thumb  print on  a document, claiming the court
> >has no  authority, or  using the  phrases:   all rights reserved,
> >without prejudice,  UCC 1-207,  pro se, sui juris, united states,
> >Black's law.
> >
> >
> >Analysis and Trends
> >
> >These anti-government  extremists and  supporters  are  convinced
> >citizens  are  being  systematically  oppressed  by  an  illegal,
> >totalitarian government.   They  believe the time for traditional
> >political reform  has passed,  that their  freedom will  only  be
> >secured  by  resistance  to  the  law  and  attacks  against  the
> >government in several forms.
> >
> >Members of these groups bond to one another and lose contact with
> >other people who hold different opinions.  The isolation works to
> >reinforce their  views, which  in turn  gives them  new  purpose.
> >This new purpose may take ordinary ideas to extremes, rationalize
> >their problems  into blaming  government, and  cause  members  to
> >compete with each other to make stronger statements.
> >
> >
> >Trend and Incident Reporting
> >
> >If  you   become  victimized  by  paper  terrorism,  contact  the
> >Washington State  Patrol Organized  Crime  Intelligence  Unit  at
> >(360) 753-3277,  extension 121.   All  acts reaching  a  criminal
> >level should  be referred to your local law enforcement agency or
> >prosecutor's office.
> >
> >
> >[end transcript]
> >
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